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About Us

TheViralPink.com is a globally recognized website that offers high-quality news on various topics including Business, Finance, Technology, and other corporate networks. Our team of writers and co-workers are based in different locations worldwide and are dedicated to delivering the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary from the business and finance community.

Our primary objective is to provide our readers with news that is relevant and useful, and on which the entire market depends. As an independent publication, we produce balanced news devoid of any marketing gimmicks or sponsored stories from third parties. Our publication is accessible to everyone, from the business expert to the layman, and we strive to provide serious, thoughtful, and fact-driven coverage that the business and finance world deserves.

The idea of TheViralPink.com was born out of the need to establish a trusted information source in a market that was about to gain its potential and start growing. Our team of experts recognized the potential for data sharing and community engagement, which led to the formation of the website.

In addition to providing news on Business, Finance, Technology, and other corporate networks, TheViralPink.com also covers news related to the LGBTQ community from all over the world. We provide breaking news, entertainment, gaming, and technology news that is relevant to the LGBTQ community.

At TheViralPink.com, we remain committed to our goal of maximizing data sharing and community engagement by ensuring that our readers have access to the data they need to make informed decisions. Our team of savvy journalists is dedicated to delivering quality news that is insightful, accurate, and relevant to our readers.

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Meet the team

Shahnawaz Sadique

Digital Marketing Pro, Tech Expert, Founder

Get ready to meet the ultimate tech guru, digital marketing whiz, and gaming extraordinaire - Shahnawaz! With over 7 years of journalism experience in the gaming, LGBTQ, and entertainment industries, he's the go-to source for the latest news and analysis. Whether you're a die-hard gamer or just looking for the inside scoop on the hottest releases, Shahnawaz has got you covered. Follow him now for fresh perspectives, expert insights, and all things gaming!

Priyanshu singh


Priyanshu Singh is a passionate gaming and entertainment enthusiast who lives for fun and excitement. He is always on the lookout for the next big adventure, and loves immersing himself in great games, movies, and books. With over four years of experience covering LGBTQ news, technology, and entertainment beats, Priyanshu has established himself as an expert in these fields. He is always up for a good time and is a great partner in crime for anyone looking to share their love of gaming and entertainment. Priyanshu is dedicated to providing engaging and informative content for his readers, and is committed to delivering the latest news and updates in the LGBTQ, technology, and entertainment industries.

Shashank Yagnik


Shashank Yagnik is a true gaming enthusiast who lives and breathes video games. He spends his days exploring the latest and greatest titles, always eager to find the next big thing. With over four years of experience covering the LGBTQ news, technology, business, and pop culture beats, Shashank has become an expert in these fields. Whether he is strategizing with his team in a competitive online match or exploring the vast open worlds of his favorite games, he is always in his element when he is gaming. Shashank is also passionate about sharing his insights and opinions with others, whether through streaming his gameplay on Twitch or writing about the latest releases on his blog. With a true passion for gaming and an extensive knowledge of LGBTQ news, technology, business, and pop culture, Shashank is a valuable asset to any gaming or media community.

Yamini Rai

Head HR, Soft Skill & Behavioural Trainer/Corporate Psychologist & Counsellor/ Career Coach

Yamini Rai is an accomplished HR Head and Soft Skill Trainer at TheViralPink.Com with over nine years of experience in soft skill facilitation, corporate coaching, and psychology. Her passion for understanding and developing personality traits has driven her to become a skilled facilitator and corporate coach, dedicated to nurturing the mental health of individuals through one-on-one coaching and counseling. Yamini is committed to helping people build their soft skills to face the professional world with confidence and resilience. Her expertise in psychology and soft skill training has made her an asset to TheViralPink.Com, where she plays a crucial role in developing the company's human resources and promoting a positive work environment. With her compassionate approach and deep understanding of human behavior, Yamini is a valued member of the team and an inspiration to those she works with.